The Case for Bernie Sanders

I have been back and forth between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren throughout this primary, but with Warren dropping out, I am putting all of my support behind Bernie. There are a lot of personal reasons that I dislike Joe Biden, but for the purposes of this argument I will be sticking strictly to policies….

My Old Friend

I was 18 when we met. I was worthless. Unlovable. Used, forgotten trash. And you coddled me. But I did not feel safe for long. You magnified my weakness. You turned your zealous head and consumed me. We were inseparable. You grabbed me. You clawed at my skin, pulling me into your depths. And I surrendered….

Elections and Actions

I have never written about politics before because, quite frankly, I feel ignorant on the subject. I embarrassingly haven’t done a lot of research before this election cycle and have been swayed by both sides of the aisle. And without knowing enough about economic policy or foreign trade, it’s hard for me to gauge exactly…

I Am Not Cool Enough

Everyone wants to be “the cool girl,” right? Growing up, that’s all I ever wanted to be. And I don’t mean “cool” as synonymous with “popular.” I didn’t care about that. To me, being the cool girl meant that you were easygoing and just one of the boys. Cool girls liked sports and didn’t bother…

Where I’m Going

Part 3 of 3 White privilege. It’s a term I didn’t even know existed until about 3 years ago. But once I heard it, I knew I had it, and plenty of it. Moving to a different country made me a minority and I got stared at almost every day. The discomfort of this used…

Where I Am

Part 2 of 3 “Attention passengers, do not leave any bags unattended…” This was the first thing I heard on the PA announcement of Chicago O’Hare International Airport. That’s a lie. The first thing I heard was a ground crew member yelling to his friend, “Chicken or beef!?” But the PA announcement was the first…

Where I’ve Been

Part 1 of 3 I often think about an Arthur episode I saw when I was younger. For those unfamiliar with the iconic aardvark, there’s an episode where he is on summer vacation and wakes up so excited for the day to begin. He starts listing all these adventures he wants to have until his…

What I’ve Learned Driving a Motorbike

You know that little voice in your head when you’re at the bar that tells you not to drink that shot of Fireball and then you do it anyway? Well I’ve heard that voice a lot lately, except instead of warning against throwing cinnamon flavored gasoline down my throat, it’s been telling me to write….

Why I Hate #TransformationTuesday

We see it all the time, sometimes not even on the designated day of the week. #TransformationTuesday!! Maybe I’m abnormal and spend too much time browsing Instagram, but day after day I am bombarded with pictures (usually women) with the sluggish, overweight body on the left, and the chiseled abs and biceps on the right….

Things I Don’t Miss About Home

Alright, let’s get everything out on the table. I don’t hate America. It’s the country that raised me and gave me every single opportunity to grow and raise my voice and see the world from all angles. The 4th of July is far and away my favorite holiday, ask anyone. That being said, I did…