And Who Am I?

I was bred to dream big. In Cleveland, Ohio, you have no other option. You have to dream of the Browns going to the Super Bowl. You have to dream of an IKEA being built within a 30 mile radius. You have to dream of Christmas Ale brewed year-round.

This big dreaming led me across the world to a little place called Chiang Mai, Thailand. And for a while now, my life is no longer about scraping two feet of snow off my car every morning, but rather putting a scarf on when it’s 85 degrees.

So here I am. Traveling, learning, Beyonce listening, curry eating. Seeking how English, America, and the world all connect together. And how being an obnoxious American woman contributes to my prejudice of the world whether I like it or not.


“Decide what to be and go be it,” -The Avett Brothers



    • Too funny! Just checked out your blog and just wanted to say that you have some really great writing going on. Good for you for doing what you love and keep up the good work!

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