New Angles

For the latter half of the summer, both my residential street and the main exit onto the highway near my house have been under intense construction. It’s always fun to travel when there’s a 1.5 mile road with one lane, but the other day I became very grateful for the work being done.

Since traffic was so backed up on my street, I took a back route on my way to Target after returning my library books. While approaching the other side of the road, it struck me that not once in my 20 years of residency in the same town, had I come onto my street from this direction on this road. Being the philosophical genius that I am, it got me thinking about other new things that I have never seen before. Like the awe of seeing Beyonce perform live about two weeks ago, which quite literally altered my view of the world. Being an avid fan of our pop and R&B queen, I have researched almost every picture on her tour before I made the pilgrimage to Detroit to see her live. And though I had seen all her costumes and heard all of her songs countless times, this new angle on the floor of the arena, looking head-on at the wind blowing her hair back could not compare to anything pictured on her website.

Looking back at how much I have changed since I moved away for school, I often think about how differently I think about situations. In just two short years, I have gone from fearfully over analyzing every situation to a calm understanding of the way I am wired. Not that I, by any means, have everything completely figured out. I simply now have the luxury of time to look back on my friendships, relationships, and decisions and see everything from a new angle I never could have imagined in my prior life.  I had been told all my life how much people change in college, but I never fully understood these cautionary tales until I myself was forced to live without: to live without the comfort of my hometown friends, home cooked meals or even a decent mall. Yet with everything I had to give up, I gained something else tenfold. I gained better friendships than I ever thought possible, a new love for a small college town in the middle of nowhere, and the freedom to truly become who I have always meant to be.

Like Beyonce and my home street, there are so many things that I have fallen into a routine of looking at. But with my last two years of college on the way, I want my life to be anything but routine.


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