Halloween vs. HallOUeen

This past weekend was supposed to be one of the four best weekends of my life: Halloween at Ohio University. Being the #1 Party School (at least last year, now we’re shamefully #3) puts a lot of pressure on this one night of dressing far too inappropriately and crowding down Court St. with thousands of other people pushed against your shoulders. However, Halloween both this year and last have been very similar to every other weekend in Athens. 

After all the hype of my first Halloween last year, the night ended up consisting of getting partially separated from my friends with no phone service and freezing my behind off in a much too summery costume. However, with a year of experience under my belt I figured out the best solution to the “greatest party weekend” is not to plan at all. With no service, it’s unlikely you will be able to contact the people you originally intended, and it is frankly physically impossible to see everyone’s costume anyways. 

Therefore my new approach for Halloween can be summarized in a few basic points:

1. Dress for the weather

2. Be comfortable

3. Warm yourself as much as possible before going out

4. Never plan anything

5. Have a few backup places in case of cops or Hurricane Sandy

Now that I seem to have mastered the basics of HallOUeen 101, it’s time, as always to discuss my grievances of how OU is painfully similar to every other regular Halloween at other schools, yet the school does anything they can to make a few extra thousand dollars on top of the influx in business they are already receiving. First of all, half the school is required to live in the dorms. This is over $6,500 a year per student (or $65 million total). Yet with all that money (not to mention tuition and food costs), the university still feels the need to charge $35 for each extra person staying on campus. I don’t know about you, but I feel like that $6,500 should’ve covered that cost somewhere in there. Not to mention the fact that guests have to park 10 miles away from campus: another $10 in parking fees plus the cost to take the shuttle to campus. 

This is $55 that the university is profiting for each visitor that students choose to bring, plus the money they’ll be spending on food and other purchases while meandering uptown. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ohio University, but the Halloween system, as with many systems in college, are designed to take advantage of poor college students. Obviously there are many, many more people who are more unfortunate than us lucky enough to attend a university. Yet most of college students will be graduating with thousands of dollars in debt as they enter the professional or academic world. Overall, as most college parties go, HallOUeen is overrated and this calculation has allowed this system to take advantage of our poor, dwindling bank accounts. 

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