When in Rome…or Athens

Yesterday my parents began a journey of a lifetime. I woke up to a simple text, “How’d it go last night? We’re in Rome! Love, Mom.” Not only was this enough to get my blood boiling with jealousy, but it also got me thinking about how badly I truly want to go abroad. 

For a long time my goal had always been Greece. As if Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants wasn’t enough to convince anyone to fly off to its beautiful scenery. But most of all, I wanted to go somewhere different. The summer after graduation, our valedictorian and good friend, got the opportunity to travel to Israel on Birthright. After temporarily considering converting to Judaism for the free trip, I realized that I didn’t necessarily need to be in the center of the Gaza Strip to get the experience I desired. 

Meanwhile, with my roommate and friend off to London next semester, I am still here in lowly Athens, Ohio and loving every minute of it. With the leaves falling and weather cooling, I couldn’t really think of anywhere else in the world I would rather be. Yes, I would love to be kissing the Pope’s feet and touching the sculptures of Michelangelo, I have realized that I am right where I need to be. After hearing speakers from both business development firms as well as a writer from the New York Times this week, I have never been so excited to be at Ohio University.

Between weekend fraternity events and Dance Moms marathons, my schedule has been booked. In my head I have a grand fantasy of buying a one-way ticket to Europe after graduation next year and living like a freegan while seeing cultures I’ve only read about. Maybe that’s what my future holds, and maybe it’s living at home with my parents while commuting to law school. Either way, I couldn’t be in a better place to prepare me. 

Maybe once I’ve been married for 30 years and my three children are living on their own, my husband and I will get the opportunity for a grand Italian adventure. Until then, this semester is about pushing myself in class, decorating my dorm, being stupid with my friends, and of course catching up on TV shows without DVR. 

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