Back to School Relapse

After completing the first week of my second year at Ohio University, I have noticed a problem that I have struggled with almost my whole life and have never addressed. Having five classes this “semester” (not quarter, another interesting shift), obviously brought up a lot of differences from last year. Getting into my core major classes, I was surprised to notice that my journalism teachers had a unique difference from my Spanish and history courses. 

Although every one of my three journalism classes has at least a hundred people enrolled, I noticed that two or my three teachers have been extremely invested to get to know each one of us. Both my Communication Law and Ethics, Mass Media and Society classes took roll of every single student the first day of class. My Comm Law professor (as well as my smaller Spanish class) even asked us two facts about ourselves.

It was then that I noticed that I have never been able to think of fun facts about myself. What makes me unique from the other 20,000 students on campus? My immediate answer would be nothing. Therefore I have decided to make goals for myself this school year, for lack of better phrasing “to find out who I am.” There have been a lot of changes these past few weeks, with many more to come finding an off-campus place for next year. With my time at OU already ticking away, it is now my goal to not only make the most of it, but find out a fun fact about myself. 

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